Raiders of the lost ark and raviolis of the lost ark

Madeleine Calcoate Garcia, Director of the Museum of North Texas History, joins us to talk about “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, the ethics involved with museums when it comes to archaeology, the unicorn of Harrison Ford and whether this is the most influential film over the last forty years. all this while we have fried cheese ravioli, SpaghettiOs with Meatballs and Broccoli Rabe Robbing the Lost Ark.

Cruella and Cucumber Sandwiches

A punk rock movie. An anti-capitalist movie. A Disney movie? Disney’s “Taxi Driver”? Disney’s “Fight Club”? Disney’s “Devil Wears Prada”? Whatever it is, it’s a true rebel in mainstream media. With cucumber sandwiches, Amber Scott stops by to talk about “Cruella.” Cruella Cucumber Sandwiches Dirty dry gin martinis Dry gin Vermouth Olive brine Olives Combine the gin, vermouth, and olive brine in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Stir (or shake if preferred) until the drink is chilled. Strain into a martini glass. Garnish with an olive (or be like us and have allll the olives) and serve.

Groundhog Day: Never Too Early For Flapjacks and Sweet Vermouth on the Rocks with a Twist

Scotty is gonna need to be living the same day over and over to get the flapjacks right and to improve on making Rita’s favorite drink, sweet vermouth on the rocks with a twist. Scotty and Shannon are joined by Chad to talk about Harold Ramis and Bill Murray, how “Groundhog Day” created a whole new genre and what would the movie be like if the Coen brothers directed it.

The Fifth Element and Super Green Pizza

For New Year’s Eve, we went super green with “The Fifth Element” with pepper pizza with pineapple. We talk about the classic film, Luc Besson, Bruce Willis, the designers who worked on the film and how much Bruce Willis’s apartment cost. How this movie was different than all the downer future 90s films and what made it stand out.

Sikes Senter AMC 10 Wichita Falls, Texas

After a year away from one of our favorite places, we went back to the movies this spring for Scott Pilgrim VS the World at AMC Sikes Senter 10 in Wichita Falls, TX. Mac N Cheese Movies is going on the road. We want to visit as many movie theaters as we can. To find out their history, big moments and take in a flick. Mac N Cheese Movies wants to be an advocate for the movie going experience. If you want us to come to your theater and do a show on it, we will come. Drive Ins, Indie...