Top Gun: Maverick and buffalo wild wing man

Join us as we talk about everything from what if Seth Rogen was Goose’s son to how Tom Cruise is the Pearl Jam of movie stars. Last time, we had a wing contest that Ben Ice manned his way to the trophy. This time in 2022, we did Buffalo Wild Wings. Honey BBQ-my talk to me Goose staple, Nashville Hot like this movie, Carribean Jerk cause of all the flight moves and Wild which describes our title character.

LIttle women with bread machine bread and charcuterie boards

Greta Gerwig’s “Little Women” with bread machine bread, olives, nuts, fruit bowls and a charcuterie board. We discuss the 2019 film with Nadine McKown, the Site Director at the Kell House Museum. We talk about how the Kell daughters were similar to the daughters in “Little Women”, Shannon’s 90s “Little Women” amnesia and how “Little Women is like Batman.

Spider-man: no way home and Doc Ock Calamari

Is “Spider-Man: No Way Home” just a warmed over TV dinner for the public, a tasty snack or the meal of your life? Do the hits make up for the plot misses? Is Spider-Man’s only true rival Batman? Did Tom Holland really drunkenly call the President of Sony to get this movie made? We tackle all of it on Mac N Cheese Movies.

Big Trouble in little china with big trouble in little d ipa beer

While drinking a double dry hopped IPA with calypso and lemon drop hops and jasmine green tea, I talk about “Big Trouble in Little China” with Chad Newman. We talk about how the film put out expectations for life we did not see once we grew up, how Kurt Russell’s been cashing checks off this movie the last 35 years and how Jack Burton is the biggest goof out of all the heroes of the 80s.